Business Planning

Our attorneys can help business owners plan for their business needs throughout any phase of the business cycle.  Having years of experience in this area of law, we are highly capable of guiding business owners through the wide array of issues that may present themselves when starting up a business, growing a business, or selling a business.  Our business planning services include:

  1. Start-up – The type of Business entity an owner chooses to establish can have dramatic differences when it comes to taxes, asset protection and formal record keeping requirements of the business.  It is also important to create By-Laws or an Operating Agreement that governs the business owner’s rights and obligations to the business.
  2. Buy-Sell Agreements – It is important for businesses with multiple owners to establish a buy-sell agreement which governs what happens when one business owner dies, becomes disabled, or wants to retire or sell his or her business interest.
  3. Key Person Planning – Losing a key employee can have a devastating impact on a business.  We can help business owners plan to prevent the loss of a key employee and how to be prepared if a Key Employee is lost.
  4. Business Succession Planning – There are many different exit strategies for business owners.  We can advise business owners on which strategy is best for them.