Estate Planning

Everyone in Alabama has an Estate Plan whether they know it or not.  Some people create their own Estate Plan.  However, most people pass away without an Estate Plan of their own.  For these people, the State of Alabama’s default Estate Plan applies to them and it is a poor plan that results in unnecessary expenses, delays and surprises.

Proper Estate Planning involves creating a plan that passes assets to your loved ones upon death and creating a plan that gives the person(s) you select the authority to manage your financial affairs and health care related issues if you become disabled.  There are many different ways to structure an Estate Plan and our attorneys have years of experience in assisting clients develop a plan that accomplishes their specific goals.

Some of the estate planning services we provide our clients include:

  1. Advice and establishment of a Last Will and Testament, Revocable Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directives for Health Care (Living Wills), HIPAA Releases and Burial Affidavits.
  2. Planning for minor beneficiaries by establishing a Guardianship and Trust
  3. Avoiding Probate Court upon death
  4. Special Needs Planning for loved ones with a disability (usually involves creating a Special Needs Trust).
  5. Asset Protection Planning for loved ones who have creditor, bankruptcy or divorce issues
  6. Tax Planning (ILITS, GRATS, QPRTs, FLPs, IDGTs etc)
  7. Charitable Planning (CRATs, CRUTS, Foundations etc)
  8. Medicaid Planning and Long Term Care Planning

Whether your estate is large or small, you need a plan for it.  Our services can be as simple or complex as your goals require.

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