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Guardianships And Conservatorships

Our firm understands the importance of safeguarding your loved ones' well-being and assets through guardianships and conservatorships. Life can present unexpected challenges, and ensuring that your family members are protected and cared for is vital. Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through the process, providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal support to establish guardianships and conservatorships when needed.



A guardianship is a legal arrangement in which a court appoints an individual to care for a person who is unable to make decisions for themselves due to age, incapacity, or disability. Whether it involves a minor child or an incapacitated adult, guardianships play a crucial role in ensuring their physical, medical, and emotional needs are met.


Our Guardianship Services:


We recognize the sensitive and deeply personal nature of guardianship matters. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive guardianship services, including:


  • Guardianship Petitions: Assisting you in filing guardianship petitions with the court to request that you be appointed as a legal guardian for your loved one.

  • Temporary and Emergency Guardianships: Facilitating the appointment of temporary or emergency guardians when urgent situations arise.

  • Guardianship Alternatives: Exploring alternatives to guardianship, when appropriate, to promote autonomy and independence for the individual.

  • Guardianship Termination: Assisting with the termination of guardianships when they are no longer necessary or appropriate.




While Guardianships focus on the health and well-being of the individual, Conservatorships instead focus on managing the financial matters and assets for someone that is unable to independently handle their financial affairs. A conservator is appointed by the court to protect the individual's financial interests and ensure responsible management of their resources.


Our Conservatorship Services:


We approach conservatorships with a sense of duty and responsibility. Our experienced attorneys offer comprehensive conservatorship services, including:


  • Conservatorship Petitions: Assisting you in filing conservatorship petitions with the court to request that you be appointed as a conservator.

  • Conservatorship Legal Requirements: Assisting with the conservator requirements under Alabama law, including obtaining a conservator’s bond, preparation of an inventory of the minor or incapacitated person's assets, and obtaining proper court authorization to enter into certain transactions.

  • Conservatorship Management: Providing assistance and guidance for the prudent management of the minor or incapacitated person's assets to ensure compliance with Alabama law. 

  • Conservatorship Termination: Helping you navigate the process of terminating the conservatorship when it is no longer necessary.

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